Coming soon from Jessica Lizel Cannon

Proactive Caregiving: A Guide to Becoming a Healthier Caregiver.



This book is a compilation of valuable lessons learned along the way through tears of joy and pain while connecting the dots between the medical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.


From preliminary stages through multiple diagnoses, to painful sibling rivalry and spousal distress, to hope through preventative lifestyle changes with simple additions.


And so much more...

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I was born in New York but as fate would have it my father accepted a job in Texas when I was only 2 years old, so Texas became my stomping grounds. This choice came lightly for him because he already had the opportunity to experience San Antonio, Texas while on the base of the Lackland Airforce Base. Our stay in San Antonio would only be a few short years when the next opportunity relocated all of us to Austin, Texas. By this point, all of us included my older sister, baby sister, and the family dog at the time, Pudgy the fluffy poodle.


How Can I Help You?

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Whom are you caring for? Who is caring for you?