The Proactive Caregiver

Jessica Lizel Cannon Specializes in educating others on how to be  a Proactive Caregiver by targeting the caregiver,
rather than the care recipient.
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If you cannot take care of yourself,
then you cannot take care of your loved one.

The Proactive Caregiver book will inspire caregivers surrounded by the darkness of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm with the light of acceptance and empowerment. It will encourage you to be a healthier caregiver and teach you to appreciate the role model you have become as a caregiver for your children, causing a cultural shift.

This book is for caregivers of all ages, with loved ones living with Dementia or suspecting behavioral changes. Jessica shares her journey of caring for her mother, who lives with mixed Dementia, including FTD coupled with Bipolar Manic Depression Disorder.


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