The Proactive Caregiver:
Stop Reacting to Life, Start Living Proactively

by Jessica Lizel Cannon

The Proactive Caregiver book will inspire caregivers surrounded by the darkness of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm with the light of acceptance and empowerment. It will encourage you to be a healthier caregiver and teach you to appreciate the role model you have become as a caregiver for your children, causing a cultural shift.

This book is for caregivers of all ages, with loved ones living with Dementia or suspecting behavioral changes. Jessica shares her journey of caring for her mother, who lives with mixed Dementia, including FTD coupled with Bipolar Manic Depression Disorder.

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The Proactive Journey: Volume 1

by Jessica Lizel Cannon

In 2016 Jessica Lizel Cannon stepped away from a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to become a full-time caregiver for her mother.

Blogging became a way to help cope with the daily stresses as she navigated a new landscape of compliance, medical journals, and evolving limitations with activities of daily living.

After meeting more and more caregivers of all ages also seeking this information, Jessica realized her passion for writing could not only become a new career but also create the platform to start a podcast. Helping others find the light on their journey after feeling the pressures from the dark is of great importance to her.

In The Proactive Journey Volume 1, you can read about those first steps into the world of caring for a loved one with mixed dementia. You will also discover, as Jessica did, some valuable tips to help you along your way.

Available in Paperback and Kindle

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Becoming Proactive

by Jessica Lizel Cannon

Jessica took a leap of faith to step away from the corporate world to care for her mother full-time while learning how to fuel up for an exhaustive journey ahead.


Along the journey, Jessica quickly struggled with old and new feelings of inadequacies. Learning how to cope with the Caregiver’s imposter syndrome led her to become proactive rather than reactive.


Researching may have become a desperate attempt to understand her mother’s world living with Bipolar Manic-Depressive Disorder and mixed Dementia, but it quickly became a wonderful distraction.


The life of a busy caregiver is a slippery slope when distracted by the wrong areas.