Care partners


Carmen Davailus

Doggies For Dementia Foundation

Doggies for Dementia Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) corporation who lovingly gifts compassionate photography to families impacted by any form of dementia. Families are gifted matted prints and video/slideshow and more. We share families’ images and stories, host a Video Blog on YouTube (Experts Dig In with Doggies for Dementia) and work to raise awareness through education. You can support Doggies for Dementia with your donations, like and share their pages on social media, or attend fundraisers throughout the year.


Theresa Patino

Power Of Beginning

Power of Beginning is a reflection of Theresa Patino's journey and how she regained her confidence and zeal for life after an unexpected medical emergency. It changed the course of her life forever. With every setback, you are gifted a new beginning. Embracing the unforeseen will empower you to rediscover self-care and reclaim your life. As a life coach now, Theresa has set out to help others facing drastic changes in their lives to find their empowering differences to embrace their new beginning.

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