Surrender Process

I was raised with the saying, "Where there is a Will, there is a way." As the roles switched between mother and daughter for me, I learned to accept a revision to this saying to include "Where a Will is broken, a caregiver is born." The birth of a new way of life may not always be welcomed.


Studies show that caregivers across the board continue to show worsening health, no matter age or race. It does not matter how rich or poor, marital status or if you had a choice or not. We are facing challenges beyond normal societal expectations.


I have discovered how to identify areas that help reduce stress, anxiety, and fear by surrendering to the journey. To surrender is by no means a process of giving up. Allow me to help you navigate the challenges of your path by applying The Caregiver's Trinity techniques.


The Caregiver's Trinity will step you through:


*   Financial Preparation – Caregiver Compliance, Estate Planning, Long-term Care Goals

*   Lifestyle Challenges – Nutrition Goals, Sleep patterns, Exercise, and Meditation Practices

*   Spiritual growth – Develop a deeper understanding of caregiver triggers and End of Life planning. 

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