Positive Steps

As I began to research the different forms of Dementia Mom is now living with, I began to hear the term “step down” more so than declining. It is easier to visualize someone stepping down a flight of stairs than to understand what a step down in Dementia looks like. From the time we attended the doctor’s appointment which we were given confirmation that our loved one is declining I began to mourn a woman I realized I barely knew. The challenge of how to survive or remain strong became a true struggle. Rather than falling too far into despair to step down with them we must learn to take new steps to rise to our calling and safe guard our own health and well being. As you begin to gain a handl

It's Ok To Feel Inadequate

As a writer, I’m no stranger to irony – unless, of course, I’m living it. I’m also no stranger to deep feelings of inadequacy. I’m Jessica Cannon, I’m a writer, and part of the Riverbend wRiters group. Early on in life, I began writing, journaling, to help me understand and cope with what I was going through. I was raised in a faith-filled home, one that made me pretty familiar with the story of Christmas – the birth of Jesus through the Virgin Mary. Now as an adult, I not only see similar circumstances in Mary to my own, but inspiration that has helped me overcome my own challenges and adversity. I lived the first 20 years of my life trying to fulfill someone else's expectations. My parents