Become a Care Partner

Interested in becoming a Care Partner?

We have a number of ways you can promote your or your company with and on the Proactive Caregiver Podcast.

Care Partner Program

The Care Partner program will allow you to advertise your or your company on the website at  You will get one image, your name, your company name, a description or bio, and of course contact information.

1 Month = $32

6 Months = $160

1 Year = $200


Want a more interactive experience?

You also have the option to advertise during the Proactive Caregiver Podcase with a commercial. There are various options available for live and pre-recorded reads.

   Length                          Format                    Time Slot                   Cost

30 Seconds                 Pre-Recorded              Opening                   $100

30 Seconds                 Pre-Recorded              Middle                      $75

30 Seconds                 Pre-Recorded              Closing                     $50


30 Seconds                 Live Read                     Opening                   $200

30 Seconds                 Live Read                     Middle                      $175

30 Seconds                 Live Read                     Closing                     $150

60 Seconds                 Pre-Recorded              Opening                   $150

60 Seconds                 Pre-Recorded              Middle                      $125

60 Seconds                 Pre-Recorded              Closing                     $100


60 Seconds                 Live Read                     Opening                   $275

60 Seconds                 Live Read                     Middle                      $250

60 Seconds                 Live Read                     Closing                     $225

Please note there is a $75 service charge for all commercials.

Email to to become a carepartner today.