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Specializing in educating others on how to be a Proactive Caregiver by focusing on the caregiver, rather than the care recipient.

If you cannot take care of yourself, then you cannot take care of your loved one.

Did you know most people living with Dementia are not diagnosed until stage 4? This stage is when symptoms present consistently enough for the average caregiver to know what is happening to their loved one. Until then they are reacting to whatever life is throwing at them while losing sight of their self-care in the process.


Jessica left the corporate world as an industry Accountant to care for her mother who had been living with mixed Dementia. Embarking on this overwhelming and often lonely journey, Jessica learned how to stop reacting to life and began living proactively. Wanting to keep her mother's journey from becoming one that she would also have to navigate, Jessica dug in deep to find out key areas that promote prevention.


Jessica speaks authentically about how reacting to life with Dementia destroyed their family relationship and shares the pain points others can learn to avoid.


In her Keynote "The Caregiver's Trinity," Jessica addresses what she learned from in-depth observation which became her lifeline. The Caregiver's Trinity breaks down the needs surrounding long-term financial planning, the four wheels for proactive lifestyle measures, and how spirituality ties it all together.

In her "Hypersexuality" Keynote Jessica addresses the importance of changing our views toward sexual expression which can harm our loved ones living with dementia. She covers the concerns by pointing out the benefits of understanding the need for sexual expression and making suppressive medication the last resort.


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